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HAVE YOU EVER been frustrated by how your bosses, colleagues or clients don't seem to understand what is important in testing and quality?

Good news is that you are not alone!

Too often testing decisions are made by people who don't understand testing. This is the source of a lot of frustration.

THE AUTHOR, Antti Niittyviita, has met with over 2400 people in one-to-one discussion on how to create awesome software with professional software testing.

On this 10 year journey, the author has found a set of powerful tools to explain testing to peers, bosses and colleagues.

In this e-book he shares some of the secrets.

YOU WILL LEARN five critical principles that help create outstanding software and do epic software testing.

For you, this e-book is a 10 minute read, and at the same time it can profoundly change how explain testing to your peers and bosses!

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